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Who is InnosealĀ®

For many years, we have trusted and take pride in the ease our system brings. Innoseal offers an innovative and high-quality bag closure system and Refill, fit for various markets. Innoseal Europe B.V. (also known as Innoseal International) is a manufacturer and distributor of the popular Innoseal system.

Innoseal Europe collaborates with global distributors, ensuring widespread accessibility to this remarkably simple solution. Our network of partners plays a pivotal role in expanding the reach of Innoseal across the globe.

While our distributors are already making strides in Germany, we recognize numerous untapped opportunities. Join forces with us to explore uncharted horizons and unlock the potential for growth

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At Innoseal, we’re here to serve as your trusted partner. We believe in going above and beyond, always keeping the long-term in mind. Our unique business model ensures that customers not only come for the Sealer but also stay for the Refill. And with an impressive profit margin, Innoseal is a valuable addition to your product lineup. So, are you ready to become part of our family

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